Brochure Design

Stowmarket Town Council

Stowmarket Town Council
Working with Chenery Creative since:
June 2018
Design and production of Five Year Plan, Annual Report and other documents

Stowmarket Town Council serves a population of approximately 21,000 people who live in Stowmarket. With responsibity for running the town community services and infrastructure, it is now a complex business with an annual turnover in excess of £1 million and it plans to deliver key projects with partners in the next five years, valued at over £5 million.

The Brief

Chenery Creative were asked to design and produce Stowmarket Town Council’s Corporate Plan which sets out their key proposals and priorities for the next five years. We were also asked to design further documents that presented the financial plan, a proposal document and accompanying collateral for the redevelopment of the Regal Theatre project, as well as the Annual Report for 2018/19.


The plan includes a lot of key information which needed to be presented in a clear, easy to follow and understand format, so this formed the main requirement for the design. Using a landscape format and separating sections through the use of colour-coding aided the navigation. We continued this format across the other documents, creating a suite that can be viewed as a set, to clearly define the Town Council’s vision for progress and report of other successes of the previous year.

Building Brand Distinctiveness